A new resident joins MSU Business Incubator

A new resident joins MSU Business Incubator MSU Business Incubator is going to hold an election for one open position in the first half of 2012. Term of application is up to February 30. Only one among all participants will achieve the residential status of MSU Business Incubator.

17 applications have been already granted, the organizers say.

To obtain the residential status of MSU Business Incubator you need to go through 3 stages:

1. To fill an application
2. To go through an absentee judgment sampling
3. To speak at an open contest

All the participants will get some invaluable experience and many good contacts for their business development.
The following people are invited to serve on the jury:

• Alexei Removich Khokhlov (academician, pro-rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University)
• Kusnirovich Michael Ernestovich (the founder of Bosco Di Ciliengi)
• Kuznetsov Yevgeny Borisovich (RBC Department of communication director)
• Evdokimov Evgeny Ivanovich (RUSNANO executive director)
• Ivashchenko Natalia Pavlovna (professor, doctor of economics , head of a chair in MSU school of economics)

The event will take place on March 3, 2012 at MSU.

MSU Business Incubator chose 10 projects of 108 applications during the first year. The volume of attracted investment is more that 50 M RUR. The market value of MSU residents is more than 170 M RUR.