A nanotechnological database of Russia and Byelorussia comes in 2012

A nanotechnological database of Russia and Byelorussia comes in 2012The computing and information center of the Nanotechnology Federal State will be created this year, Lykov Byelorussian Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer deputy director Cyril Good says. The center will store thousands gigabytes of text, graphics and other information.

The center will also include nanotechnology database, software and computational resources for calculating nonmaterial properties. Access to the information about patents, organizations, recent developments will be given not only to the scientists from Byelorussia and Russia, but also to economic sector specialists of both countries.

The creation of the center is planned within scientific and technical program Nanotechnologies - UC of Byelorussia and Russia Union. The program aims at the development of nanotechnology and nanoelements of on-board computers as well as various nanosensors and nanotransducers creation. Scientists expect to reduce the weight and size of satellites as well as to develop new materials for electronics, medicine and vehicles while developing the program.

A.V.Lykov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute exists since 1952. The main directions of its research activities include the processes of heat and mass transfer in capillary-porous matters, disperse systems, nonequilibrium and rheological medium, turbulent inhomogeneous flows, low-temperature plasmas in interaction with radiation.