Google will hold a developer's summer school contest in spring

Google will hold a developer's summer school contest in springYou can apply for Google Summer of Code school participation from March 26 to April 6, 2012, startup bill says.This global event gives an opportunity to talented programmers to write an open-source-projects code. Program participants will work together with their mentor online to solve the task. Upon successful completion of the project, participant will get $5000.

Each candidate who would like to participate in the contest must be a student of any training form.

Preference is given to those who have already got involved in interested projects and discussed the possibility of ideas realization. The application form should include:

• project description;

• cover letter that answers the question why the candidate wants to take part in the event;

• contact information;

• If the organization has its application form, it should be completed

The list of open-source-projects, participating in Google Summer of Code will be announced on March, 16. A candidate may submit up to 20 applications to different organizations.