Valenta Pharmaceutical producer invests 3.5 M RUR in venture

Valenta Pharmaceutical producer invests 3.5 M RUR in ventureValenta Pharmaceuticals, a major Russian producer of pharmaceutical products, will send 3.5 M RUR to the charter capital of Quantum Pharmaceuticals venture, specializing in medicine development.
Quantum Pharmaceuticals is a venture capital company developing platform technologies to identify a new class of medicine. According to Alexander Itin, Valenta’s CEO, the company has made a decision to participate in this business, because it expects to attract brand new innovative products to its portfolio. Further, Valenta does not plan to buy Quantum Pharmaceuticals.
Valenta is interested in the market launch and promotion of the established products and the scope of the company's interests embrace active participation in this process. In addition, Valenta will have the first order of priority on the Quantum Pharmaceuticals medicines.

Valenta Pharmaceuticals (Valenta) JSC was founded in 1997 as OJSC Domestic medicine. Shchelkovo Vitamin Plant is now the main production site of the company. Valenta provides about 4% of Russian medicines, producing 125 items of medicines in the most socially important pharmaceutical groups. The most well-known holding brands are Fenotropil, Grammidin, Zoreks, Phenazepam. More than 150 new medicines are in the phase of development and registration. Valenta Pharma representative offices work in the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, earlier a Hong Kong office was announced to be opened.