Volgograd region to cash grants to scientists

Volgograd region to cash grants to scientists The Volgograd Region Administration announces the launch of two competitions aimed at supporting scientists and their scientific and technological activities. The applications to participate in the competition for the government research grants of the Volgograd region are accepted till March 1, 2012, and the registration for the awards in the field of science and technology of the Volgograd region starts from March 15.

Recall that five types of research grants are set up in the region: funding for basic scientific research; applied research, including design and experimental work; innovation activity; research on nanotechnology, as well as work in the social and humanitarian spheres. According to the results of this competition 10 grants of 300000 RUR each will be allocated. Winners can use them on their scientific and scientific-technical activities.

Awards in science and technology in the Volgograd region are given for achievements notable for novelty, originality, those which have received public recognition and contributed significantly to the development of scientific and industrial potential of the region. The total of 15 awards is provided - three (1st – 200000 RUR, 2nd - 175000 RUR, 3rd - 150000 RUR) in each of the five nominations: Scientific and technological research and design and experimental workouts, completed by using new technologies, techniques, instruments, equipment, materials and substances in the production; Business, management and finance; Development and practical application of new methods and tools in health care; Development and practical application of new teaching methods, the creation of high quality textbooks and teaching materials for educational institutions of the Volgograd region, the solution of socially important projects, and training highly qualified scientific personnel through the implementation of scientific guidance; Implemented workouts in the development of manufacturing, processing, storage of agricultural products, rational use of natural resources.