Stavropol Industrial park will help Singapore construction

Stavropol Industrial park will help Singapore constructionStavropol Territory Ministry of Economic Development has entered into a Jurong Consultants PTE LTD (Singapore) Memorandum of understanding - the world's largest consultant and developer in the creation, development and management of industrial parks and economic zones. The document stipulates the cooperation of the parties in the creation and development Stavropol Territory special economic zones, regional, industrial, technological, tourist and recreational parks.

The document was signed by the Minister of Stavropol Territory Economic Development Yuri Yagudaev and the President of Jurong Consultants Wei Ying Mao on February 17 during the visit of Stavropol Territory delegation in Singapore, which lasted several days. The director of IP Development Ivan Kovalev was also included in the delegation.

Guided by the joint investment and innovation interests, the territory Economic Development will provide Jurong Consultants with the information and advice on tax benefits and other preferences for special economic zones residents and regional parks. Singapore partners will be assisted in administrative obstacles reducing while getting various approvals.

Jurong Consultants Company operates in 45 countries now. The company has implemented more than 1700 construction projects. This Singapore Company has some experience in creating an industrial park in Arkhangelsk Region and in creating and managing the Moglino industrial park in the Pskov Region.