The results of the Startup Sauna Warmup in St. Petersburg

The results of the Startup Sauna Warmup in St. Petersburg Startup Sauna Warmup is one-day training sessions that are held in major cities of Northern Europe and Russia. The best teams according to the results of each warming up event will have an opportunity to participate in the final Startup Sauna in Aalto Venture Garage business incubator. More than 30 applications were filed for the event held on March 12 in St. Petersburg, 20 of the most promising ideas were selected by the administration. 10 projects got the opportunity to talk to the experts face-to-face.

As a result, the experts have chosen three winners:

Grand Prix - Peacock Team with the project Good Roads, a mobile service allowing to analyze the condition of the roadway covering.

1st place - Your Band, a music service with online rehearsals, a platform that combines musicians and their audience.

2nd place – Excursia, a wireless cloud personalized service for tourists with geolocalization providing audio guides in different languages.

Also, the following projects were presented:

Deliveride, a service where people who want to buy something from another city or country can find those who are going on a trip and are ready to deliver the goods under the order.

Group Force, a platform allowing companies and communities to run their own e-commerce programs under their brands on their websites.

Life affinity, a service receiving user data from different social networks and analyzing preferences: Likes (Like marks), tweets, music, favorite places, etc.

SaleSpring, Wikipedia of open business contacts in Russia and CIS companies and their employees.

Loyalty Plant, a mobile application with an individual design allowing companies to inform customers about special offers and to create discount cards within the application.

Smart Muzey - placing QR-codes on the nameplates of museum exhibits.

Svezhij Krasnij Farsh, an online game between two players who have an army - a deck of cards consisting of the character-memes. The battle between two armies reaches up to 60 characters.

Next Startup Sauna will take place in Moscow on March 14, at the Digital October Center, in partnership with the Bricolage seed fund and NIU School of Economics Business Incubator and supported by GreenfieldProject.