Russia to present a showcase of innovative projects

Russia to present a showcase of innovative projectsThe RF Ministry of Economic Development is actively preparing for the XX session of the Russian-Italian working group on partnership for modernization. The group was created to enhance mutual contacts in the field of industrial cooperation and scientific and technological partnership between regions and enterprises. At the upcoming meeting in May of this year, the countries plan to discuss implementing a number of joint projects in the field of traditional and alternative energy, construction, medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, food processing and mechanical engineering.

Global Innovation Access Company participated in the meeting from the Russian side of the Russian-Italian working group on partnership for modernization, organized by the Ministry of Economic Development, as reported by Renata Akhunova, the company President. The projects selected for presentation to the Italian side will become the first in the so-called showcase projects created by the Ministry of Economic Development. Subsequently, these projects will primarily be presented to other countries and their corporations interested in joint projects on modernization.

We are ready to take an active part in creating such a showcase of projects, because, firstly, in Russia we have access to a large number of high-tech projects that are technically within the scope of interests of the Russian-Italian working group on partnership for modernization, and secondly, last year we preliminary discussed a number of projects and areas for cooperation with the advisor of the Minister for Innovation in Italy, so we clearly envision the next steps, - says Renata Akhunova, the Global Innovation Access, Inc. President.

However Akhunova adds that all the actions taken may not bring immediate results, and the Russian innovation companies need to remember that. At the same time the report notes that at present there is a successful experience of the Russian innovation project in collaboration with Italy: the Nanosintez company, a manufacturer of HYAMATRIX innovative products, signed an agreement with the Italian Bizioprodzhetti SpA distributor in 2011 to supply its cosmetics to the European Union estimated at € 30 M. I hope that this bar will rise in the further development of relations between our countries, - said the Global Innovation Access director.