Solar energy: an attractive project for investors or a waste of money?

Solar energy: an attractive project for investors or a waste of money?The Ventures television magazine presents the next issue devoted to solar energy. The prospects of its development, the demand and attracting investment capital into the alternative energy industry are discussed by Vladimir Gromkovsky, an investment expert, the founder of Waarde Capital venture fund; Eugene Terukov, Ph.D., a specialist in the field of thin-film technologies in the energy sector, Anton Usachev, the director of the Solar Energy Association of Russia, the head of external relations of the Hevel company, and Yevgeny Kuznetsov, a member of the Russian Venture Company Board.

Today, about 99% of the world's electricity is produced from traditional sources, only one fifth of which is nuclear or hydroelectric power stations, the rest is coal, oil and gas. Solar energy is used by man for thousands years. Most of all fossil fuels and vegetable oil, in fact, was formed through photosynthesis, which is impossible without the sun. So, gas, coal or peat can be called a solar battery. Now the energy of solar radiation is used directly to produce electricity and the cost of this type of energy is gradually reducing.

In addition to the topic, has published today that solar power can be twice as cheap. This will be possible due to the Twin Creeks Technologies company key development – an ion accelerator allowing to produce solar batteries with silicon layer, ten times thinner than the existing ones. Thus, one of the most expensive components of the silicon photoelectric cells is used to a much lesser extent, and as a result the final product cost drops to $ 400 per kilowatt of installed capacity.