Ukrainian TA Venture to invest in deliver products without GMOs company

Ukrainian TA Venture to invest in deliver products without GMOs companyTA Venture Fund has recently announced financing of Mile High Organics - U.S. e-commerce company to deliver high-quality organic non-GMO products to offices and private clients. Investment will be aimed at expanding the product line, increased sales, the development of direct-marketing tools, as well as entering new markets. TA Venture has invested in the company jointly with a group of international investors: Jose Marin, a founding partner and managing director of IG Expansion and Fabrice Grinda, co-managing and co-founder of OLX. Details of the deal are unknown.

Since June 2010 launching in Colorado (USA), the company has reached the multi-million dollar annual income. Mile High Organics delivers organic food 7 days a week to 200 addresses of Colorado. Thanks to the investments the company expects to increase sales by 400% by the end of the year and get started in other countries.

Mile High Organics is an innovative player, one of the largest in the U.S.A consumer market, focusing on local organic foods, as well as minimal impact on the environment during the production. The Company is developing a truly innovative model of electronic service of food delivery, which allows successfully compete in the rapidly growing market of natural and organic products. Customers have the ability to include fresh and organic foods in their diet for better health and life. In one year alone the company has acquired thousands of satisfied customers. We are very excited about our investment in the Mile High Organics. The Company is in a unique position in its field and is able to become a leading player in the food market of the U.S.A and expand its business to other countries - Victoria Tigipko, director of TA Venture says.

With our unique electronic food delivery service we are going to change the situation in the global food system. We believe that strong and emerging markets also exist in Europe, including the fast-growing markets in Eastern Europe. We are proud to have global partners supporting us in our ambition and we are confident of success - Michael Joseph, co-founder and CEO of Mile High Organics commented on the investment.

Mile High Organics operates on the principle of direct marketing, which allows registered customers to make repeat orders with regard to their individual requirements. The range of products supplied takes into account the seasonal variety and customers taste preferences. The company provides unique recipes of organic products that allow customers to cook tasty and healthy food that does not contain harmful ingredients.