The RF Armed Forces cooperating with Skolkovo

The RF Armed Forces cooperating with SkolkovoMilitary and Scientific Committee (MSC) of the RF Armed Forces communicates with the Skolkovo Fund, developing modern weapons in close cooperation. Igor Sheremet, the committee chairman, the deputy chief of the RF Armed Forces General Staff, the Major-General informed the reporters about it last week.

According to him, there is a mutual interest with Skolkovo: the fund has an opportunity to carry out breakthrough developments in order to strengthen the defense, and military science, in turn, is able to attract the best minds, which will focus on specific fund tasks. At the same time Sheremet also notes that to date, they have entered into cooperation with RUSNANO.

The plans of departments are to improve the equipment of the research, as well as the testing area, as the material and technical base of today's military science is outdated. The situation is to change in a couple of years.

According to the deputy, it is important to identify and classify the threat of Russian military security to exclude military and technical suddenness, so that at some point the enemy would not possess such weapons capable of destroying our defense.