Moscow Technology Fair will take place on March 30

Moscow Technology Fair will take place on March 30Monthly Tech Fairs start in Moscow. The first fair will be held on March 30. During the fair scientists, researchers, inventors, designers, tech projects and business initiators will offer technology companies and venture investors to purchase discoveries, inventions, research results, prototypes of new products and services, and market shares in technological projects and businesses. Event organizers are Technological TechTunnel and Realogic Startup-Platform.

The fair will give researchers, inventors, developers and process plans promoters a unique opportunity to monetize the results of research and development, inventions and discoveries, as well as to attract necessary investment. Tech companies and venture capital investors will be able to purchase promising technological inventions and developments with high commercial potential at the Fair.

Five sections that correspond to types of lots and procedures of trade will be presented at the Tech Fair. The sections are Ideas, IP, Startups, Shares and Debts.