Results of the First Russian Co-investor Day

Results of the First Russian Co-investor Day The First Russian Co-investor Day was held on March, 24 in Moscow. The event was organized by the StartupMonthly School supported by the general sponsor - the Farminers Academy of projects in partnership with GreenfieldProject.

StartupMonthly School is new faces in the Russian start-up infrastructure. In its basic format StartupMonthly processes startups through a consistent series of training programs (workshops in the terminology of the school team):
- Ice Breaker (two sessions, a week) aims at the team formation and building,
- Idea Accelerator (five sessions, one month) develops the idea from scratch up to the start-up
- Pitch Accelerator (two sessions) teaches the team how to present a project.

In other words, this process can be described the following way: a talent, a person with the idea goes to the input of the Ice Breaker, at the output it is the working team, which in turn starts working in Idea Accelerator, leaving it with a prototype product, and enters Pitch Accelerator leaving it as a full team at the seed-stage.

Mind, it is still not too late to sign up for participation in the Russian program - it starts from March 29.

However, the event which took place on Saturday in the MOD Design, does not belong to any of these workshops. The topic of the day was declared co-investment as the most frequently discussed by the investors (more than a hundred applied). For 30 projects the most important part of the day was the opportunity to speak to investors with three-minute pitches. Incidentally, 11 out of 30 projects were presented by the Farminers Academy, which first spoke out whom it invested in autumn 2011.

At the end of speeches, each investor could invest in one or another startup - before the start of the day all the investors were given three different denomination chips for this purpose. As a result of investments collected the top ten projects of the day were identified. They are:

1. ClipClock (Microsoft Startup Accelerator) is a Service for publishing, commenting on and searching for the best video moments in the social network.
2. Planner 5D (Farminers Academy) is a service allowing any person without any special skills to create any interior layout of any complexity on any device.
3. Glomper (IMI.VC) allows to find interesting events around - parties, meetings, conferences and so on, or to create your own, inviting friends to them.
4. Gingerbread (Greenfield Project) is a tool for HR-s and business owners to help the company quickly implement an effective program of staff motivation.
5. Gingerbread is an automatic business service. It is a global wiki base of business contacts, plus CRM, project management and active sales tools.
6. (Greenfield Project, Farminers Academy) answers to questions like where to eat? and what to order?
7. Prognolic (Farminers Academy) is investment decision-making tool. Prognolic measures success statistics of the Wall Street analysts’ recommendations, and the user can follow the most successful analyst in a particular industry or sector.
8. Octopod is a universal platform for developing mobile applications, designed to give the opportunity to adjust any services and business processes for use on mobile devices, despite the abundance of different mobile operating systems.
9. My-apps (Farminers Academy) is a mobile application constructor allowing any person without programming or design skills to create his own mobile application in just five minutes.
10. Woodla (Farminers Academy) is a geo-social game incorporating such game mechanics as Hidden Objects, Quest, RPG and even a First-personal-shooter with the usability and service applications approaches, such as 4sq.