A RVC and HSE seminar on training managers in innovation and R&D

A RVC and HSE seminar on training managers in innovation and R&DOn Friday, March 23, the first tutorial workshop on training in entrepreneurship and managing corporate R & D and innovation took place in the HSE. It was organized by the RVC OJSC and the Innovation Management Institute of HSE. The Directors Club members on Science and Innovation participated in the seminar.

According to the RVC, this was the first in the series of teaching seminars meeting of the educational programs developers of the R & D and innovation management with their potential customers. A workshops series was planned by the RVC which considers the support of educational programs in corporate innovation to be one of the priorities for the venture capital market development.

At the first tutorial workshop such institutions as HSE, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, MIPT, Lomonosov Moscow State University and MISA shared their experience of creating and conducting university educational programs on R & D and innovation management. Participating in the seminar representatives of Directors Club member companies on Science and Innovation gave to understand that they certainly need the innovative specialities staff, but existing programs of their training do not quite meet the requirements of modern business in R & D management. Business should be more actively involved in setting goals for higher educational institutions that have programs in the specialty 222,000.

At the workshop it was suggested that the certification procedures for high school educational programs in entrepreneurship and R & D management is developed by the Science and Innovation Directors Club. In addition, at the next seminar of the series the club members will make their professional requirements for the graduates of such programs.