A new platform for startups and investors interaction available

A new platform for startups and investors interaction availableRuNet has launched a new website aimed at facilitating interaction between startups and venture investors and business angels. The Startupdealer.org portal opens registration of participants in the project designed as a transparent and fair tool for splitting the shares and structuring investment transactions, as well as to become a platform for start-up community communication.

With the StartupDealer platform (web-program), project participants will be able to keep a record of shares in the company, to use the patterns of investment contracts, to establish the time of ripening of shares, as well as the influence of Milestones and KPIs on stakes in the company.

The project authors promise to conveniently organize the use of sophisticated instruments (convertible note, options, etc.), organize statistics on transactions in various industries, to help in the registration of eligible transactions in offshore areas with minimal costs.

In addition, Startupdealer.org can be used as a place to discuss the troubling issues on shares at a specialized forum, or just use the portal for public offers to buy shares in the company.