Innovations in Medical Technology international conference completed

Innovations in Medical Technology international conference completedA two-day international conference Innovations in Medical Technology ended on April 3. It was organized by Open University Skolkovo, the Skolkovo Fund, Elsevier Business Intelligence Group and the Life Sciences Angel Network.

This is the first time such a conference is held in Russia, bringing together the three basic principles of the innovation process in medicine: education, research and entrepreneurship. Its purpose is to consistently promote the use of innovations in medicine, significantly improving the quality of life.

The world leaders in the field of business and investment in health care and medicine participated in the conference. They shared their experience with young companies, the representatives of the Russian startup community.

On the agenda of the panel discussions were also:

• The newest concepts in medical education
• The examples of technological achievements in medicine and promising directions of development
• The experience of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, assisting in building an international ecosystem of innovation in health care.

Innovations in Medical Technology international conference completed

Due to this conference with the Biomedical Cluster we introduce a new format simultaneously discussing the problems of research, education and innovation, and their mutual relationship, - said Oleg Alekseev, the Skolkovo Fund Vice President and Chief Executive Officer in Education and Research.

The Fund Vice-President explained that as the management company, Skolkovo is responsible for the creation of a center where research, education and companies’ technology development, innovative entrepreneurship is not a contradiction, it is a part of the whole.

However, before it will appear in our lives we have to try it on such events, - he said. According to Oleg Alekseev, it very often happens in practice, when the problems of research, education programs, innovative entrepreneurship are discussed separately. As if they were not part of the whole, but the opposed elements that still need to attract each other, - he described.

But this is no more than our idea of how to break the whole into certain parts, in fact it is a single process, and it is important to establish in our mind the understanding of its unity, - said Oleg Alekseev.

According to Alekseev, the biomedical cluster of the Fund works quite closely with these companies, however, there is no certainty from start-ups that have become residents in terms of working with the leading companies in industries. A classic example of the ideology of a startup orbit around a large company, Oleg Alekseev recalls the Microsoft experience. This form is used by many companies in the world - he said - and if we're going to repeat this experience, we should try to work in a market where 70 percent of innovation is the improvement of existing technologies - he said.