Skolkovo School in Tomsk to cost 1.5 B RUR

Skolkovo School in Tomsk to cost 1.5 B RUR The regional authorities and the Skolkovo Fund plan to create a state innovative school in Tomsk, among other things housing a kindergarten, an observatory, a theater and greenhouses, the initial project cost is about 1.5 B RUR, told Nadezhda Mukha, the School Skolkovo in Tomsk project manager to reporters.

The Skolkovo Fund, the Ministry of Education in partnership with Microsoft announced a contest for the best school of the future concept in 2011. The aim of this project is to create an educational model that subsequently would serve as a prototype for Russian mass school, the fund reports. At the end of the contest 12 winners of eight Russian regions were determined. The staff of teachers, partners and parents of Eureka-development secondary school was among them (Tomsk).

As Mukha explained, the winners have a chance to implement their projects with the support of the competition organizers. Tomsk project involves the construction of a modern school building using energy efficient technologies and introducing innovation in the educational process.

It is clear that the project having national significance, should have public financing, the Skolkovo fund and Microsoft will provide methodological support. There is a number of suggestions for placement of such a school in Tomsk. The INO Tomsk 2020 requires the urban environment change, creation of scientific and educational complex, it would be logical to build a school there, perhaps, among the university campuses, - said Mukha.

She notes that the project is now being discussed in the regional administration, and supposed that modifications are possible. According to her, under very favorable scenario Skolkovo School will be able to accept pupils on September 1, 2014.