KupiKupon Service acquired the Sea of Salons

KupiKupon Service acquired the Sea of SalonsThe KupiKupon company, launched in 2010, has acquired the Sea of Salons internet service, which will introduce a service that allowing to purchase goods and services on the KupiKupon websites on credit.

In the near future, in addition to the coupons purchase, it will be possible to sign up in a beauty salon, a car repair workshop or clinic for a convenient time via the company's website.

The Sea of Salons Service, developed by Glavstart in 2010, was launched in the end of 2011. It is an online registration service, the purpose of which is to create an effective platform, allowing to sign up to the most of Russia or the world beauty salons including a huge number of profitable offers in beauty-industry. As a consumer of this service can be absolutely any person of conscious age, the resource creators aim to launch the powerful thematic media resource with immense audience.

Anna Artemova, a KupiKupon spokesman said to the Marker portal that by the end of summer The Sea of Salons will be integrated into their system. Before buying coupons the customers can choose the date and time of their use in the desired institution. According to her, today not a single site aggregator offering its visitors discount coupons has such a service. That is, the customer gets a discount coupon, not knowing whether he is able to use it in the near future.

Another novelty, according to Artemova, which is soon to be introduced, is buying on credit. The company doesn’t disclose the bank entering into agreement with KupiKupon. However, it is noted that the service can be ready soon. The users will be able to get a loan without an online down payment to purchase household appliances, electronics, clothes and accessories from the online stores. What interest will be for online loans? KupiKupon does not disclose so far.