FAS discovered a collusion of 11 pharmaceutical companies

FAS discovered a collusion of 11 pharmaceutical companies FAS (the Federal Antimonopoly Service) stated that 11 pharmaceutical companies in Russia have entered into an agreement during the tender for the purchase of medicine against tuberculosis by the state. The service message specified that these purchases were carried out under the profile of Federal Target Program Prevention and control of socially significant diseases, 2007-2011.

The violators are JSC R-Pharm, Ltd. Manas Med, JSC Coral Med, LLC Advance Trading, JSC Shreya corporational, JSC Farmasintez, LLC Rusresurs, LLC Medical Leasing Consulting, LLC Virend International, OJSC Dimedika and CJSC Pharmacy Holding.

A number of companies admitted to the auction, attended the tender, but did not make price offers, or having registered, were not up for sale. At the same time the companies that participated in the auction, in turn refused to compete without making proposals - the RIA Novosti quotes the FAS press release. The passive behavior of the participants in the auction for one lot was due to the passive behavior of the bidders on the other lot - the report says.

As a result, the state contracts were either at the maximum price with a single party, or won by a bidder who has made a single fee proposal. This led to the maintenance of prices at the auction due to restriction of competition, said in a news release.
Examining the facts of the case and the arguments and objections of the case participants, the Russian FAS concluded that the behavior of auction participants was a result of the conclusion and implementation of the agreement that led to the restriction of competition in the auction, - th statement said.

FAS experts suppose that the actions of the violators have the elements of crime according to Article 178 of the Criminal Code (cartel agreement). Proceedings of the antitrust case will be forwarded to the Investigation Department of the Russian Ministry of the Interior