Investors appointed 63 meetings to startups after VC Day Ingria

Investors appointed 63 meetings to startups after VC Day Ingria The first VC Day this year, a meeting of technical innovation projects and investors took place on April 6 in the Ingria Business Incubator. During the event, 17 startups passed through the preliminary selection, presented in various formats (7-minute speech, elevator pitch, and one-on-one meeting) their projects to the 23 accredited investors. The average investment amount requested by the projects amounted to 36.5 M RUR.

VC Day is one of the events aimed at increasing the share of technical projects among Ingria business incubator residents. This is a place for meetings and negotiations between investors and prepared start-ups. Among the investors who came to the meeting were RVC, Allianz ROSNO Asset Management, qwCapital, Sputnik Technology Capital, S-Group Capital Management, EMC, LG R & D Lab, and others.

As a result of presentations, investors have appointed 63 meetings to the projects.

Among the main purposes for which the projects are going to send the attracted investments were the following: equipment certification, intellectual property protection (international patents), R & D and production of the working product prototypes, the first batch of test samples, the expansion / scaling of sales, access to foreign markets.

During the week before the VC Day the projects-participants were taking a special educational program aimed at improving the skills of presentation and development strategies. The educational program included training on such topics as product strategy, price quotations and business models, intellectual property protection, investment attracting and the creation and implementation of effective business project presentation. Also 33 students of the leading universities of St. Petersburg, in particular, the Polytechnic University Department of Innovation, GSOM, ENGECON and the European University participated in the educational program, developing the presentations together with the projects.

The projects in biotechnology, energy and energy efficiency, chemistry and petrochemistry, medical devices, mechanical engineering, instrumentation and electronics were the VC Day participants. In addition, the term of their selection was the investment attractiveness and the market outlet.