Startpack startup received the Skolkovo resident status

Startpack startup received the Skolkovo resident statusThe Startpack Company, Kazan IT Park Resident Business Incubator, officially received the member status of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Startpack project - a Web-platform of cloud services integration - will now be able to take advantage of all benefits provided to Skolkovo participants, including tax benefits - almost all taxes abolished, and the unified social tax transferred to a lower tariff. This is a very big plus for a young project, noted the press service of the IT Park business incubator.

The authors of Startpack startup presented their project to Skolkovo IT cluster manager Sergei Shubin during his visit to the IT Park in January 2012. Besides the fact that Sergey has given us positive feedback, he said that our project does not look like an ordinary startup because it has serious approaches of an adult company, - said the head of Startpack Alexei Fedorov.

We also remember his appeal not stop its development on profits and commercialization, and move forward according to plan and develop our global smart network of sharing functionality between the web-based applications. I remember the phrase as it completely fits our goals. It is nice to know that the profit is not the only decisive factor, and for someone new technologies and capabilities can be more important. Now, when we are the residents, with such support, with even greater zeal will move in that direction, concludes Fedorov.

Startpack is the second project of IT Park Business Incubator, which gets the Skolkovo resident status. Recall that the Real Speaker - ultra-accurate audio-visual speech recognizer - in the end of March received a positive assessment of the expert council according to the criteria for obtaining the status of the Skolkovo Innovation Center participant.