Putin: Domestic demand for innovation to reach 1.5 T RUR in 2013

Putin: Domestic demand for innovation to reach 1.5 T RUR in 2013Due to program companies with state participation by 2013, we will bring domestic demand on innovation to the 1.5 T RUR. This forecast was made by the prime minister and elected Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking in the Duma with a report on the activities of the Russian Federation Government for 2011, polit.ru portal reports.

The Prime Minister said, the state will directly invest in technology development and support of critically important industries. First of all, these are machine tools and engine building, producing new materials, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and shipbuilding.

During the recent years we have formed a whole line of development institutions, but they are not always available and effective, often lose to foreign analogues, - Putin marked. Therefore, he said, it is necessary to ensure the international competitiveness of our development institutions, in cooperation with business associations to audit and formulate proposals to improve their work.

The prime minister said that the institutions are designed to serve as a business lift for thousands of companies. Thus, since 2012 the Russian Agency for export credit insurance shall provide its support to small and medium-sized businesses, entering the world market with high-tech products. The goal is to increase high-tech exports by at least two times by 2020, and the share of high-tech and intellectual sectors in the GDP - by 1.5 times.

But the most important, according to Vladimir Putin, is to make innovation profitable for business. We will continue to support technology alliances of the Russian companies with leading world manufacturers. Particular attention will be paid to forming a full production cycle, as well as design centers, which is very important, and technological development in the territory of the Russian Federation, - said the premier.

He stressed that one of the main conditions for attracting foreign investors will be not only localization, not only the production of more equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation, by 60-70%, but also the creation of technology centers - centers of design and technological development.

Creating areas of advanced industrial growth and production complexes will be encouraged. In the coming years, according to the prime minister, about 20-30 such support clusters will appear - from engineering and pharmaceuticals to nanotechnology and electronics.