All-Siberian Innovation Student Competition to take place in Academpark

All-Siberian Innovation Student Competition to take place in AcademparkOn April, 28 Academpark holds the last stage of the All-Siberian Innovation Student Competition. The best teams from more than 10 Siberian and the Russian universities will compete for the prize money. The total prize money is of 100 K RUR.

It was reported on the Novosibirsk Academpark website.

Correspondence stage of the contest began in April, 15 when students, graduate students and young professionals of Russian universities were offered nine practical problems of Novosibirsk city in ecology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and energy to be solved. For two weeks, students had to describe the problem, devise a solution and its economic, logical or rational justification. Participants were offered, for example, to develop the idea of smart streets within the framework of energy-and resource-saving way to come up with vehicle emergency braking, a way of getting rid of dust, a way of efficient storage and recovery of thermal energy, the method of road marking, which would be seen regardless of the amount of snow on the road and the mechanical effect.

Upon the completion of the correspondence phase the jury determined ten teams who would be participating in full-time stage on April 28, during which they would be asked not only to protect their ideas, developed in the part-time stage, but also to express themselves and their abilities in solving non-standard practical problems here and now.

At the end of April 28 jury will determine three winning teams that will receive cash prizes.

The Competition is intended to provide an opportunity for students, graduate students, and university employees in Siberia, as well as young developers’ teams to try their hand at solving unusual technical problems, to get their innovative ideas estimated by the jury and get a cash prize. Main objective of the Olympics is to raise the interest of students and young entrepreneurs in the commercialization of innovative ideas - the organizers explained.