The RF biotechnologies development program by 2020

The RF biotechnologies development program by 2020 The Russian government has approved a comprehensive program of biotechnology development in the country till 2020. As stated in the program published on Ministry of Economic Development site, the implementation of existing plans will require about 1 T RUR resulting in the 1% of GDP share of biotech products by 2020. The program will take two stages: 2012-2015 and 2016-2020.

The main objectives of the program include Russia's taking the leading position in biotechnology, as well as creating a globally competitive sector of the bioeconomy, which will form the basis of the Russian Federation modernization (along with nanotechnology and information technology).

Allocated funding will be directed to the development of biotechnology priorities. The support of the bioenergy sector will need 367 B RUR, industrial biotechnology - 210 B RUR, agricultural and food biotechnology - 200 B RUR, biomedicine - 150 B RUR, biopharmaceuticals - 106 B RUR, marine biotechnology - 70 M RUR, forest biotechnology - 45 B RUR, environmental protection (environmental) Biotechnology - 30 B RUR.

Moreover, the document stated that during the formation and execution of the federal budget the indicated funding may be specified.

The expected results of its implementation will be increasing by 8.3 (up to 1 T RUR) of biotech products consumption in Russia, increasing the production of biotech products in Russia by 33 times, up to 800 B RUR, reducing the share of imports in the consumption of biotech products by half, increasing the share of exports in the production of biotechnological products by 25 times.

The level of biotechnology products production by 2020 is planned to be about 1% of GDP.