Britain announced the best innovators in 2012

Britain announced the best innovators in 2012 The British Intellectual Property Management Website has published a ranking of UK innovators in 2012. The best visionary innovator of the country is recognized the Apple industrial design vice president Jonathan Ive, design development of such popular devices as iPhone, iPad, a number of models of the MacBook and iPod belongs to him.

British Visionary Innovator title was given to the Apple designer, working for the company since 1997, who by far took the lead among his competitors - 46.6% of respondents voted for him.

It is Jonathan Ive who designed the iPhone smartphones, iPad Tablet, a number of Mac and Macbook models, as well as the iPod players. A total of his career, Ive was the author of more than 600 patents.

The second on the list was one of the fathers of the Internet - Tim Berners-Lee got 18.8% votes. 15% of the votes went to James Goodfellow, who patented the PIN-codes technology, and was one of the ATM-technology inventors of used in bank machines.

It is noteworthy that the rating of British innovators included not only the inventors of technology. The list includes, for example, the famous graffiti artist Banksy, TV presenter Simon Cowell and JK Rowling - the author of a series of books about Harry Potter.