Startups to open floating offices in the ocean

Startups to open floating offices in the oceanAn efficient, elegant and inexpensive solution to visa problems for startups willing to work in the USA was found. Starting with the third quarter of next year, a mobile office of technology companies from around the world, the members of which are extremely difficult to get a U.S. working visa, will drift in neutral waters about 12 miles off the California coast, reports.

No doubt, Silicon Valley today is a technological Mecca of the world. Many start-ups seek to open an office as close to the Valley as it is possible in order to have a direct and quick access to the largest venture capital investors, leading technology partners and potential buyers - Google, Apple, Facebook and others. To do this the startups need an H1 – a US working visa, which is not so easy to get, especially for the residents of India, Pakistan, Belarus and China ... The project named Blueseed is an old cruise liner renovated and reequipped to be used as a mobile office.

Daily ferries will cruise between Blueseed and the mainland, the road to the United States coast will take not more than 30 minutes. At the moment the news has aroused the interest of 175 start-ups from around the globe willing to open their offices on the board. 24.6% of those willing already have offices in the U.S., followed by India (8.6%), and Australia (5.7%). The task of the Bluessed authors is to bring together on board the most advanced minds of the planet, the most talented young businessmen, engineers, programmers, so they could all work closely together and create truly innovative products.

The cost of staying on board ranges from $ 1,200 to 3,000 per month per person for accommodation and office space. Given the fact that the mobile office residents do not fall under the law of any country and, therefore, exempt from paying taxes to the U.S., the sum is quite justified. Everyone will be able to visit the mainland on a tourist visa, which is quite easy to obtain.