New Cities Foundation accepted Skolkovo

New Cities Foundation accepted Skolkovo The International New Cities Foundation accepted Russian science city Skolkovo at the first summit, held in May 14 -16 in Paris, as the vice president of Skolkovo Seda Pumpyansky recently reported.

According to Pumpyansky, participation in the New Cities Foundation will make it possible for Skolkovo to share experience with colleagues on regular basis. This is a forum for communication of politicians, architects and business people - she said - not only the heads of the newly appeared cities participate in the summit, but also of big cities -mayors of Paris, London, Sao Paulo, Vancouver.

Big cities may benefit from the experience of smaller counterparts in the implementation of innovations; small cities may borrow some proven managerial decisions.

Companies and universities, members of the Fund, also contribute to the creation of innovative urban communications environment.

The New Cities Foundation was founded in 2011. It includes 50 cities, 30 universities and more than 100 companies.