Gust and the NABA entered into an agreement

Gust and the NABA entered into an agreement Gust Investment Platform, connecting investors and quickly developing companies, and the Russian Association of Business Angels have signed an agreement on strategic partnership, aiming to create the conditions for investment to successful enterprises in the initial stages at the international level. The partnership will allow Russian investors in the initial stages to use the multifunctional Gust platform, through which they will be able to manage the transactions and cooperate with businessmen.

The Russian Association of Business Angels (NABA) is a nonprofit organization representing the interests of business angels, seed investment funds, as well as Russian venture communities of investment at the early stages. At present, its membership base consists of 8 full and 4 associate members, representing approximately 75% of the organized part of the Russian venture capital.

Gust provides a common platform for the management and distribution of investment in the early stages, allowing the trained entrepreneurs to interact with leading investors, supporting all aspects of investment relations, from the initial impetus to a successful conclusion. Gust collaborates with leading business angels and venture capital funds and supports more than 750 investment institutions in 65 countries. Among the users of the platform are the largest Russian communities of business angels ABAR (National Association of Business Angels of Russia) and Baur (Business angels of the Urals,, a new investment group Angels Ontime (, funded by the Government of Moscow Venture Capital Development Fund (, as well as several business incubators.

Gust analyzes the global trends of business angels and venture capital funds investing in order to identify new opportunities, as well as enhancing the relationship between the investors at the early stage and entrepreneurs, - said David S. Rose, the president of Gust. Our strategic partnership with the Russian Association of Business Angels will provide an exclusive opportunity to use the Gust platform for development of new Russian and Eastern European businesses in need of funding.

We are pleased to collaborate with such innovative platforms as Gust and look forward to our further partnership, - said Konstantin Fokin, the president of the Russian National Association of Business Angels. - Members of NBAA parties need effective, modern resources for managing growing systems of information supply in Russia at the early stages. Gust provides reliable and relevant solutions for the management of developing economies in our country.

In the framework of international investment at the early stages Gust is the official platform for the leading angel organizations around the world, including Ireland, Scotland, France, Portugal, Turkey, New Zealand and Australia, and others. Gust Platform is currently available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and now also in Russian. It continues to expand abroad and is aimed at providing access to its platform for all members of the global economy at an early stage.

More than 150,000 start-ups have already used this platform to communicate and interact with more than 35 thousands of accredited investors. Gust is situated in New York (New York State) with a technology park in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the European office in Paris, France.