Krasnoyarsk Region innovations attracted the attention of Japanese companies

Krasnoyarsk Region innovations attracted the attention of Japanese companiesA meeting of Japan's San-San Corporation representatives with the Spetsmetall KRITBI, LLC resident took place in June 9, 2012 in Krasnoyarsk regional innovation and technology business incubator. The main subject of negotiations was supplying especially pure powdered metals: aluminum, calcium fluoride and other metals with chemical purity of 99.999% to Japan. The materials will be produced in Krasnoyarsk by an innovative technology.

The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Governor of Krasnoyarsk Region Andrey Gnezdilov. The Japanese side was represented by the president of San-San Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) Natsuki Morikubo, Spetsmetall was represented by Vladimir Medvedev.

Samples of products and quality certificates were shown to Natsuki Morikubo. According to the agreement, Spetsmetall will develop a special technology for nano-particles of calcium fluoride producing for the Japanese partners, and this technology is unique.

The developments of the Krasnoyarsk company impressed the President of San-San Corporation. Coming here, I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities of Spetsmetall, with their metal-cleaning technology - said Morikubo, expressing the hope that cooperation between the companies will open up new possibilities in the relations between Russia and Japan.

Powdered metals with the highest purity are used to produce ultrafine super conductors which are used in electronics, chemical, aviation and automotive industries, and in military-industrial complex.

Summing up the visit, Deputy Governor of the Region Andrei Gnezdilov said that KRITBI residents have attracted the attention of foreign buyers. I hope that international cooperation aspect of the business incubator will only grow in the future - summed up Gnezdilov.

Following the talks, the parties reached an agreement on supplies of ultrapure selenium to Japan, the volume of future purchases was also determined.