The rules of regional IT projects financing approved by Medvedev

The rules of regional IT projects financing approved by MedvedevTo get the federal co-financing for the informatization of regions you need to identify targets and to pass the competition commission of the Ministry of Communications. But if the goal is reached at less than 70%, the money must be returned.

Dmitry Medvedev has approved the rules for the distribution of federal funds for regional IT projects co-financing.

As already mentioned by CNews, the amount of money allocated by Moscow to one region cannot exceed 50 M RUR. Total funding for 2012 should amount to 670 M RUR, and till the end of the Information Society program in 2020 - 6.76 B RUR.

Region needs to pass the competition of Ministry of Communications to get the money (a special commission will be created) and to conclude an agreement with the Ministry. Tenders for funds will be held several times a year, but the region will not be able to get the money more than once a year. Regional IT project, which gets federal funds, must be implemented before the end of November of the year.

Applicants for the federal funding will be submitted by the number of parameters set by the Commission of the Ministry of Communications. Among the parameters are the level of information society development of the region and its level of wealth (estimated fiscal capacity).

By the method of the Ministry of Communications, the poorest regions that requested a small amount of money and greatly improved its place in the ranking of the Information Society have the best chance to get co-financing.

Region’s request for the co-financing should state targets to be achieved in the implementation of an IT project. If the Ministry of Communications is not satisfied with the request, the targets will be reduced proportionately.

This is important because it will not be possible to ruin targets with impunity. If the targets cannot be performed at least 70%, the region must give the federal funding back. If the index does not reach 90%, then you can forget about the federal funds next year.

Also, unused money will be returned to the budget.

In addition, federal funding may be suspended in case the subject does not obey the conditions of subsidies granting (the breaches are not reported). If the region can not eliminate mistakes during a month, the funds can be transferred to another region.

All calculations of the Ministry of Communications will be approved by the government. The region, in turn, should report to the Ministry every 15th of the month