The draft law of Industrial Parks considered by the State Duma

The draft law of Industrial Parks considered by the State DumaA meeting of the Working Group on the draft federal law that regulated industrial parks activities took place in June 21, 2012 in the State Duma of the Russian Federation under the Committee on Economic Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development.

The Working Group included the deputies, representatives of ministries and departments, representatives of major development institutions. The working group was headed by deputy Igoshin I.N., the executive secretary was Andrew Shpilenok, the Director of the Association of Technoparks.

Speaking to the gathering, Igor Igoshin drew attention to the fact that the law should be less administrative and focused on achieving concrete results on the introduction of innovative developments in the economy.

The bill provides definitions of basic concepts for the industrial parks functioning: industrial park, industrial park resident, resident of industrial park’s business incubator, business incubator, managing company, service company, etc.

According to the draft law industrial parks to be created in order to: stimulate social and economic development of the Russian Federation; to accelerate the development of innovation, the promotion of innovative ideas and products to domestic and international markets; to build cooperation between the scientific, educational institutions and manufacturing that allows to solve social and economic issues; to develop, test and maintenance advanced scientific and technological innovation ideas and solutions in high-tech products designing and manufacturing.

In general, all members of the Working Group supported the bill, however, expressed the need to expand the list of innovation infrastructure objects under the federal law.

Commenting on his attitude to the draft federal law, Deputy Oleg Savchenko said that before they allocate money to build technoparks, it is necessary to adopt appropriate federal law; he also offered to take into account the branch principle of technoparks orientation.

Advisor on Innovation of AFK System Board of Directors Chairman N.V. Mikhailov not only supported the previous speakers, but also suggested the mechanism for collecting and recording the results of intellectual activities.

At the end of the meeting it was decided to consider amendments and comments to the draft federal law before the next working group meeting.