Online hypermarket raised $ 1 M investment Online hypermarket raised $ 1 M online hypermarket closed an additional investment round amounting to slightly less than $ 1 M, and has also attracted investments worth $ 1 M. At that time the investors were business angels from the USA, Europe and Russia and the small European funds - for example, Kima Ventures. was founded in 2009 by Sergei Ivanov (Technopark-Elektroflot retail chain director in 1999 - 2008.), in 2010 his colleagues Dmitry Shashkin (ex-CEO of the BORK-Industrial Park Holding) and Alexei Kuzmichev (Ex-Director for Development of BORK-Industrial Park Holding) joined him.

At the beginning developed at the expense of its founders. The basis of the marketable matrix was electronics and household appliances, as the founders had the highest competence in these areas. Currently fully corresponds to the concepts of Mall and Hypermarket - the store assortment estimates more than 30 000 items of family, home and summer cottage goods.

The main company’s tasks for 2012 are development of such categories as Baby goods, Household Goods, Pets Supplies and approaching to the break-even point and maintaining the growth rate well above market.

Dimitri Shashkin, CEO: We started with the sale of electronics and household appliances, the experience in these categories has helped us form starting turnover and work out the business processes. Taking it into consideration, we planned to build a hypermarket with the professional advice of the customer, and our principle of forming the marketable matrix is: we sell everything that is larger than a nail and less than a car. During 2012, we will pay special attention to the development of such category as Baby goods, increasing its share in the total turnover up to 25-30%. Accordingly, the share of household appliances and electronics will be about 50%. To date, we naturally grow faster than the market: the market is growing at 40%, we are three times as fast. In the next two years we will enter the top ten biggest Runet online stores, we are now in the top 50.