A developer of wind-powered generators from Skolkovo homed in the U.S.

A developer of wind-powered generators from Skolkovo homed in the U.S.Optiflame Solutions Company that implements a project to create new generation of small and medium-sized wind turbines of closed type at Skolkovo innovation center is the first Russian company that became a resident of the oldest and one of the largest business incubators - Port in the Science Center, Philadelphia (USA), Skolkovo report says.

Optiflame Solutions officially received the status of Science Center resident in June, 14 within the 16th Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT-BIO). In order to become a part of the Science Center, the incubator has worked with a nonprofit organization Select Greater Philadelphia, Mid-State and Russia Business Council, the administration of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Department of Public and Economic Development.

American office Optiflame will be situated at the Science Center in Philadelphia. The company headquartered in St. Petersburg.

The representative of Optiflame Vladimir Kanin said that we started looking for a suitable place for the preparation of commercial launch of our technology last fall, from the lab to the production and sales. We believe that the city of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Department, being interested in alternative energy and energy efficiency, is one of the best places for our project withdrawal from the level of research and development to the level of production and sales.

Company's wind-powered generators of closed type are equipped with turbines like in airplane that can be placed everywhere: on roofs of homes or commercial buildings. They work safely, efficiently and silently. The Optiflame Solutions do not forget about the development of technologies and expanding its product line - the developers have completed the creation of model-5000, a turbine at the rated power of 5 kW.

We often talk about regional cooperation. By working together we were able to move from words to action and bring Optiflame Company to Philadelphia. This is the kind of cooperation that we need to transform the Greater Philadelphia in the hub for entrepreneurs from all over the world - said the President and CEO of the Science Center, Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Business Administration, Stephen S. Tang.

Optiflame joins companies from Belgium, China, France, India, Singapore and the UK. The purpose of Port’s Global Soft Landing (GSL) program creation is to strengthen the position of international companies in local markets of technology and life science.
Philadelphia is quickly gaining the reputation of an ecology-friendly technologies hub in the U.S., so we are the natural choice for Optiflame Company and new technologies that it will bring to the market - said Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development. - We are very pleased that another energetic and dynamic young company moved to the Science Center, and I would like to thank all the regional partners we have worked with to make it happen.