New resource for startups in RuNet - TeraFirrma

New resource for startups in RuNet - TeraFirrmaDmitry Falalaev, former Director of Digital October Development Center, who also worked in Harvard Business Review Russia journal, launches new resource for startups in RuNet - TeraFirrma.

According to the founder, the resource is designed to provide useful and interesting information to young entrepreneurs. It will be interesting to professional investors who are looking for startups with right motivation, as well as to industry experts. At TeraFirrma almost all information will be provided at first hand - articles will be written not by journalists, but professionals (investors, entrepreneurs, experts).

Another feature of the service will be the presence of a filter of information. It means that what is published will pass through a quality selection, which will involve well-known experts if necessary.

Young entrepreneurs often lack quality information on various topics, they have a lot of unanswered questions, and do not even have places where they could ask them, - says Dmitry Falalaev. - I understood that some news - I saw it working in Digital October center, - generally just pass by, because there are no ways they can get the start-up environment by. At the same time I have access to the information and I’ve been making newspapers and magazines for almost all my professional life. It's like my competitive advantage. So I’ve made the decision to create a quality resource for startups and generally anyone interested in ventures. It is called TeraFirrma.