Armenia and Russia develop cooperation in innovation

Armenia and Russia develop cooperation in innovationKonstantin Kosachev, the head of Rossotrudnichestvo and Armenia Economy Minister Tigran Davtyan took part in the discussion on joint innovation projects in July 5, 2012. The meeting was attended by authors of 20 innovative projects that were presented at the Russian-Armenian Center for Innovative Cooperation.

This partnership allows us to export innovative ideas, which corresponds to the concept of Armenia's exports development. It means that we need to export not only goods and services but innovative ideas too - Davtyan said at a meeting in Rossotrudnichestvo representation in Yerevan, noting that the participation of Ministry of Economy representatives is important because the agency is seeking economic usability of these ideas.

According to Davtyan, the majority of the 20 innovative projects have not been implemented due to limited technical and financial capabilities, and the format of the Armenian-Russian cooperation could become a great tool to promote innovative ideas in Armenia. But it is still premature to talk about a specific project financing, because some relevant appraisals of projects are being conducted. That's the way you need to go step by step - Davtyan said.

In addition, an agreement was signed during the meeting on innovative collaboration between Rossotrudnichestvo representation in Armenia and Mika Progresstech LLC and National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Armenia Ministry of Economy. As Davtyan says, it is a framework agreement that will allow for a concrete cooperation on specific projects. He also said that Russia is the largest economic and trade and investment partner of Armenia, and the co-operation in innovation will be a new and promising direction.

In turn, Kosachev said that Rossotrudnichestvo is ready to help scientists, innovators, institutions to find each other, to attract projects, find adequate funding.