New incentives needed to increase investment in regions

New incentives needed to increase investment in regionsChamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation signed a cooperation agreement with the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) in the framework of Strong Russia business Summit.

According to the chairman of the Russian Chamber of Commerce to promote the modernization and technological development of Russian economy Ekaterina Popova, you can achieve great results taking advantage of the CCI and its regional offices together with the possibilities of AIRR. This public-private partnership will boost regional development and will identify those projects that will be interesting to business and government - she said. - The main objective of the CCI is to attract large corporations to implement the Innovation Development Program, developed with the assistance of Ministry of Economic Development. We will create a sort of incubator for high-tech enterprises rising.

According to the Executive Director of AIRR Ivan Bortnik, the main purpose of the association is to provide interaction between the regions, to promote innovative development and protection the interests of entrepreneurs. The association includes 12 regions, which produce 32% of high-tech products and 92% of products of nanotechnology. The investment process should move to the innovation sphere, - says Ivan Bornik. - We believe that cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce can speed up the process.

According to Russian Gazeta, business and government representatives discussed the issue of attracting investment to Russian regions during the summit and talked about the measures that are being taken in this direction. According to the Deputy Minister of Russia’s Economic Development Oleg Fomichev, a special program has been created to improve the investment climate in the regions. This is a support mechanism for those who invested in improving the investment climate, - he explained. - In accordance with this program, 10 B RUR of budget funds will be allocated to those regions that have achieved the most progress in increasing its own tax base. It is planned to select the top 20 Russian regions, and the maximum amount of subsidy can be up to 2 B RUR.