Nanograd-2012 summer school in Kazan ended

Nanograd-2012 summer school in Kazan endedThe central event of RUSNANO School League – Summer school Nanograd-2012 in Kazan ended on July, 11. The closing ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Igor Remorenko, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Ravil Muratov, and the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan Albert Gilmutdinov, RUSNANO reports.

Within 8 days the participants of Nanograd - 160 high school students and 35 teachers from 12 Russian regions - had built a real city with its government, running businesses in Kazan Tennis Academy. To obtain the status of Nanograd resident, pupils tried out a serious selection process - every fifteenth participant was selected from 2.5 K of those who wanted to travel to Kazan Summer School.

Each new resident worked on probation at one of the Russian high-tech companies after arriving to Nanograd. Students solved real business cases developed by the specialists of these companies. The result of team work was the final presentation of the results to the expert jury which included some representatives of business and science.

Among the resolved cases are the preparation of a popular science basis of trombodynamics method for health professionals (the case of Gemakor Company), development of design solutions, functional and economic feasibility studies of the use of LED lighting in ordinary homes (the case of Optogan), identification of promising industries and applications of composite materials (case of "Galen"), preparation of presentations for bakery products manufacturers with a description of technical details and basis for proposed bread packaging (the case of Danaflex-nano).
In addition to training, the residents of Nanograd participated in numerous workshops on a variety of topics - DNA isolating and immune-enzyme analysis, working with a professional DJ equipment, drawing with bubbles, the creation of modern geographic information systems, the basics of social entrepreneurship and much more.

RUSNANO officials organized master classes for students - thus, the director of public relations department Olena Sanarova told Nanograd residents about how to present their ideas, and a representative of the investment department Ilia Goldt disclosed all aspects of innovative projects examination. Two master classes were organized by the Foundation of infrastructure and educational programs: the Director of demand stimulating department Alexander Morozov had a presentation on innovative projects step-by-step development from concept to a working business, and the director of educational programs department Yelena Soboleva told the teachers about a prospective online learning format, e-learning.

Lectures on the high-tech business and research novelties were given by the managers of large innovative companies - Gemakor, NT-MDT, Center for Advanced Technologies, Idea Technopark of Himgrad technopolis, as well as by professors of leading technical universities.

A large number of sporting and entertainment events was conducted in addition to extensive training programs in Nanograd.