The government of Tomsk Region to give 4 M RUR grants to nine innovative companies

The government of Tomsk Region to give 4 M RUR grants to nine innovative companiesNine companies to receive a total of more than 4 M RUR in subsidies were selected at the end of the sixth competitive selection of beginning small innovative companies conducted by the Administration of Tomsk region.

The winners were Tomsk innovative companies Heat-Fort (The Development and design of heat-saving equipment for the automation of buildings and structures’ thermal systems in order to improve their energy efficiency), SPA Discharge (Non-waste recycling equipment for off-test reinforced concrete structures into recyclable Building Materials), TUSUR-Electronics (Library of modules for the design of microwave monolithic integrated circuits based on nano heterostructures technology), SMART Project (The production of wood treated with low-temperature plasma), Innovation heat technologies (Practical Application (implementation) of thermal-steam fuel conversion high technology), Smart Innovation (The development, organization of production and sale of a new generation insulin pump to simulate the functioning of the pancreas), Avelanta (custom-made web site and information systems, the development of software projects) and AquaSensor (microwave sensor for monitoring the quality of natural water and water, prepared for the thermal power plants).

They will be given from 210K RUR to 500K RUR in subsidies for reimbursement of costs associated with business starting (except wage costs, taxes and other obligatory payments to budgets, travel, hospitality).

Applications were evaluated by qualitative and quantitative criteria, according to regional administration. For example, by the orientation of the applicant to implement the results of scientific research of Tomsk scientific-educational complex’s organizations, the presence in the applicant's strategy a commercialization of intellectual activity, as well as in terms of an equity investment in the implementation of the innovative project, the size of average wage, means of placing of innovative products to the market and so on.