Skolkovo held a virtual roadshow with European investors

Skolkovo held a virtual roadshow with European investorsThe members of the world's largest organization of business angels Keiretsu Forum participated in the first virtual roadshow with four companies of the Fund’s IT-cluster. The organizers of the unique dialogue between the residents and potential investors were the Skolkovo fund and CISCO Company.

Topadvert, Synesis, Toytemic and Dashboard Systems companies got a unique opportunity to present their projects, attract investment and establish business, as Skolkovo report says. Keiretsu Forum business angels from San Francisco, Los Angeles and investors from France met together in the video conferencing hall of CISCO’s Moscow office. Only thin panel screens separated the participants, creating the impression of a face to face talk.

The format of the meeting presupposed 10 minutes for a presentation of a project and 20 minute discussion in real time followed each presentation. The roadshow was in international language - only live communication, without any translation.

Alexey Bel'tyukov, the Vice President, Director of Development and Planning of the Skolkovo Fund, stressed before the conference that this meeting is truly a unique opportunity to set up your business and to find allies. By the way, Keiretsu Forum has been established in 2000 and includes 850 private investors from a dozen countries around the world. Keiretsu Forum members have invested over $360M worldwide.

Topadvert, which develops services for websites of household appliances and electronics manufacturers, is already working with RuNet leading companies, with Yandex in particular. Entering the international market is also planned. Topadvert’s revenue in 2012 should amount to $8M, while the staff includes a total of 9 persons. American roadshow participants highly appreciated the idea and business plan of the project.

The essence of Appendix project is a special Java script imbedded in the structure of a portal that can be easily integrated with the interface and has a nice appearance and allows potential buyers to see where and for how much they can buy this or that model of the product. Thus, the integration of Appendix improves not only the operational comfort, but also can significantly boost sales of goods on the Internet.

Then Nikolay Ptitsin spoke, the CEO of Synesis. He told foreign investors that his company is engaged in video analytics, actively conducts different applied researches and is the owner of complex technologies in computer vision, artificial intelligence and biometrics.

A co-founder of Toytemic Company Eugene Smetanin told the audience about the idea of creating a universal chip Toymtemic for toys that will enable your child to control their own toys at a distance of 1 to 10 meters. It will also become possible to unite a large number of different toys into a single interactive network.

BoardMaps product, presented by Vladimir Gernshteyn, the founder of Deshbord Systems Company, concluded the introduction of the Skolkovo residents to the foreign investors. His product is designed to improve the quality of work and increase the speed of making decisions within the structures of collective management. Special software should be installed on computers and smartphones of organizations’ leaders to do this. It allows you to present the full range of information to the next meeting or hearing in the most convenient, interactive way, rather than leaving boxes full to the brim with papers.