Futubra introduces changes under the global update

Futubra introduces changes under the global updateFutubra microblogging service, owned by Mail.Ru Group, began to introduce the changes under the global update of the service. Mandatory publication of a picture or a video message is one of the changes, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Futubra service website.

Friends! We rolled out the first batch of our global change, - the statement says.

The developers also changed the order of the display of messages in users’ news feed - they are sorted by last reply now.

In addition, the developers disabled all mobile applications of Futubra. As previously reported, this move should accelerate the launch of the new features. The service remains available to users of mobile browsers.

Futubra representatives announced a global update of the service last week.

Updating will be so global that it will change your idea of Futubre, - a message of service’s representatives says.

As reported by the developers, Futubra administration intends to turn microblogging service into a media forum, where you can discuss and collect pictures, videos and links on various topics. The administration of the resource plans to change the design of Futubra. As it was earlier told RIA Novosti by the CEO of Mail.Ru Dmitry Grishin, the experience gained by Mail.Ru Group during the development of Futubra, will help the Internet Company to start new startups in the near future. Grishin appreciates Futubra’s success in terms of its product quality. At the same time, he says, the project is still looking for a niche from the perspective of the audience, and it is too early to speak about the success.

Futubra service was launched in January 2012. Futubra includes standard functional of a microblogging service. Users can add posts to their news feed, subscribe to posts of other users, add pictures and video posts.

Futubra actually duplicated the popular microblogging service Twitter before the changes. At the same time the Russian service was not able to take significant part of the audience away from the American rival.