Kazakhstan startup received investments from U.S. investors

Kazakhstan startup received investments from U.S. investorsU.S. investors have invested in Kazakhstan startup Moomkin, which is a platform for professionals’ communication - a kind of Kazakhstan Linkedin. The amount of the transaction, as well as the number of shares transferred to new investors in the first round has not been specified, but the total value of the company, according to its representatives, is equal to $2M now.

Reducing the distance, as well as the establishment of relations between the professionals of CIS countries is a developing scope and Moomkin.kz is the necessary platform for it. Investing in Moomkin.kz, we contribute to the development of professionals’ social networks in Kazakhstan, as well as in other CIS countries. I am fully confident of Moomkin, Inc. team and of their strategy for turning the site into an ideal platform for professional development, growth, and job search, - David Slahter, the president of Slachter Consulting who participated in the transaction said.

With offices in the U.S. and Kazakhstan, Moomkin, Inc. team is preparing to close the first phase of investment this year. Our investment package is tempting enough, providing potential investors with detailed information on optimizing of their investments and the opportunity to become a part of our team. At the moment, we are working with a narrow range of interested venture funds and angel investors in Kazakhstan and the United States, - Jean Karsybaev, the managing partner says.

The main objective of Moomkin Inc. is not only to provide a productive, convenient and meaningful pastime for network users, but also building of a profitable company for its investors and the team for many years.

Also, the company said that one of Kazakhstan venture capitalists intends to invest in Moomkin at this stage. A press release to announce the completion of this investment will be published soon. The convergence of U.S. and Kazakhstan investors aimed at collective cooperation on a project is one of the main goals of the board of directors. In today's economy it is extremely important to diversify your investment portfolio.

When you register to Moomkin.kz you fill out a profile which describes your education, work experience, skills and knowledge. Set up profile gives you the access to all functions of the site – you can search and connect professional employees, employers, recruiters and partners to your network, as well as they can make you a part of their networks. Moomkin.kz is a national pioneer and an innovative hybrid of business and social networking platform for business media development, new technologies and web culture. Moomkin.kz Network participants are professionals, leaders, innovators, employers, recruiters, head-hunters, entrepreneurs, government officials, nonprofit organizations, corporations, brands, PR groups, advertising agencies, students and people looking for work.