Innovators Union in Omsk region

Innovators Union in Omsk regionThe decision to create a new structure was made by the participants of I Constitutive conference of regional innovators. It was organized by Omsk Scientific Center of SB RAS, the office of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere, the club of young scientists Umnik.

The purpose of training is to unite regional innovative teams, developers of high-tech projects, to help them in solving vital problems.

In fact, there are lots of them on the way of innovators, - Maxim Chekusov, the director of the Omsk Experimental plant of the Russian Academy, reported to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. - This is also interaction between inventors and universities, not willing to support know-how, if they are not a part of the innovative structure founders. This is both imperfect patent legislation, and short-sighted marketing, and problems of unique production technological preparation. After all, innovation on paper is not interesting for anyone, rather than the operating model.

The initiative to create the Innovators Union emerged from the grass roots. But organizers are confident that over time the structure will include heads of major advanced enterprises, ministries, public and private investment funds.

The need to strengthen the Omsk region innovation market has been spoken about for a long time. Lately, the experts have become more active in taking concrete actions. Independent Council on Innovation has already been established in the region. Association of Small and Medium Enterprises has begun to develop the law on small innovative enterprises of the Omsk region. Recently, Governor Viktor Nazarov has decided to set up a new ministry in the region - of science and innovation.