Academpark’s resident to give air cleaning system to children's hospitals

Academpark’s resident to give air cleaning system to children's hospitalsTion Company will equip several children's hospitals in Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk with air cleaning systems of class Tion A without compensation, according to Novosibirsk Academpark’s resident. Charitable Foundation Health care for children! will become the agent of equipment transferring to children's hospitals. The first equipment will be installed today.

Unique installations for simultaneous disinfection and cleaning of air from pollutants, smoke, chemicals, dust, industrial emissions, car exhaust and other harmful substances have been developed several years ago. The equipment is certified by RZN as medical equipment recommended for hospitals, children's educational institutions, pharmaceutical production facilities and for working with dangerous pathogens, and for overcrowded places (offices, business centers, train stations, airports, etc.), as well as for nuclear power plants .

This will help to protect young patients from being poisoned by harmful substances and products of combustion and from the dirty urban air not only during emergencies but also at the usual time. Also, the system will help prevent the spread of nosocomial infections and eliminate the risk of cross infection, - according to the Fund.