The first company from Komi is among the residents of Skolkovo

The first company from Komi is among the residents of SkolkovoSyktyvkar company Laboratory Elandis became the first private company from Komi Republic which received the status of a resident of Skolkovo. The company has developed and patented an analog-digital signature.

The device consists of a marker by which people will be able to put signatures on electronic documents right on their computer, tablets and smartphones - Dmitry Gertner said, the author of the patent for an analog-digital signature. - Analogue user's signature guarantees that the electronic document was signed by that user. Due to this feature a single device for the signature is available to all employees of the organization, as well as for the customers.

I will not hide the fact that our first application was not accepted, - says Dmitry. - We have considerably improved it, and sent back. The document was examined and evaluated by ten international experts according to nine criteria. They passed a positive judgment, noting that the analog-digital signature has broad potential for use throughout the world.

The company became a resident of the IT Cluster of the Center for Development and Commercialization of New Technologies of the Skolkovo Fund, which will give it the opportunity to get tax and customs benefits, research grants, support for entering international markets and the production of a prototype.

The device has several levels of protection against potential malicious actions. Developed by Laboratory Elandis the technology backed by a patent and several patent applications that are being examined. The device will be made of foreign and domestic components, but the company aims to buy all the parts in Russia in the future, and produce some parts on their own equipment.

About 11 M RUR is required to launch the project, a certain amount of this sum will be available on grant programs from Skolkovo and the Ministry of Economic Development of Komi Republic, as well as from private investors and funds to support innovative enterprises.