A virtual roundtable on Promoting of Innovations in Krasnoyarsk

A virtual roundtable on Promoting of Innovations in Krasnoyarsk  The third meeting of the series of meetings of a Russian-American virtual roundtable on the institutionalization of innovation took place on August 9, 2012 at the Information Centre for Atomic Energy of Krasnoyarsk. This series of round tables was organized in May 2012 on the initiative of SibSAU. As usual, the meeting was held in the format of videoconference. It was devoted to Russian experience of innovation and entrepreneurship organization and the commercialization of scientific and technical developments.

Krasnoyarsk region was represented by the experts of Siberian State Aerospace University, the Ministry of investment and innovation, the experts of Krasnoyarsk innovation and technology business incubator (KRITBI), Regional Science Foundation and other organizations. The United States of America was represented by the Deputy Governor of Maine Deb Newman, as well as by the heads of the HUSSON University and NESCom College, businessmen and leading economists from Bangor.

Krasnoyarsk innovators and leaders of startup projects shared their ideas and talked about business organization during the meeting. In particular, American colleagues learned of MIP LLC Kosmoengineering, one of its projects is an emergency prediction system and a system of natural hazards modeling in GIS; a unique technology of dental prosthesis which has no analogues in the world was also presented.

Projects in IT-sphere were also presented: a new way to analyze the vulnerabilities of standard code without source code (LLC GuardNet), unmanned aircraft projects designed for aerial photography and geological research (Independent aerospace systems - GeoService), joint missions service which has a lot of advantages compared to foreign analogues (VPuti).

The director of the Information Centre for Atomic Energy Edward Raspopov spoke about the design activities of the center and work with young people at the end of the round table. Interacting with Regions’ population, the center promotes the spread of basic knowledge about nuclear power. The American experts were delighted with the idea of creating such centers and expressed the hope that they will have a similar center soon.

They also discussed the question about further interactions between the two countries, for example, joint investment sessions and exchange of professionals. One of the ways of continuing the dialogue, in the opinion of the parties, could be exchange of university research groups and delegations of investors, innovators and representatives of business circles of America and Russia.

The next meeting will take place in October. It is planned to devote it to a major theme - the promotion of business. The specialists of the two countries will discuss the latest PR technologies, marketing, advertising, and identify the most effective ones.