A contest for the resident status of Academpark’s business incubator

A contest for the resident status of Academpark’s business incubator The business incubator of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok’s (Academpark) Technopark announces a competitive selection for providing the resident status.

Legal entities and individuals as individual entrepreneurs registered in Novosibirsk region and which are small businesses that carry out innovative activities in Academpark (innovative companies) in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, can put in a claim for the residency.

To become a resident of the business incubator you must receive positive evaluation from the Expert Council according to the following criteria:

• Scientific and technical level of the project;
• Technical feasibility of the project;
• The level of scientific and technical basis of the project;
• Competitiveness of the project to its analogs;
• The presence of education (qualification) and experience appropriate to the direction of the project realization;
• The presence of calculations on the amount of investment in the project and the payback;
• The presence of project’s plan;
• Commercial potential of the project (economic effect) which provides a financial return that exceeds the investments;
• The presence of potential customers and the market;
• The presence of social effects that are of society’s interest;
• Transparency in terms of need for certification and other licensing procedures if needed;
• The presence of an objective need of the Candidate in the business incubator.

Applications will be accepted from August, 27 2012 to September 14, 2012.