Twitter starts targeted interest advertising

Twitter starts targeted interest advertising Twitter microblogging network said on Thursday that it introduces a new opportunity for advertisers to get more targeted advertising to the network users. Now it is possible to target advertisements according to users' interests.

Twitter’s message says that the new feature allows advertisers to promote their ads to users based on their interests. A user, for example, can be a fan of horror films or a dog lover, and depending on it they get their targeted advertising. Twitter says that the new system identifies users' interests based on many factors, such as what blogs they follow, how often they write about a particular topic.

Today targeting advertising in Twitter relies basically on systems’ suggestions that are not always true. The company can advertise to users who follow one or another corporate microblogging or just view messages from this or that company. Some advertisers say it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of such advertising and see if it reaches the target audience, reports.

In turn, Twitter says that they are trying to narrow the range of the system and provide tools for advertisers to control it. Kevin Weil, the director of Twitter ad products, says that the need of targeting interest was about to happen for a long time, as it allows advertisers to reach the right audience. Another thing is how effective such system is allowing for real interests.