Innovation Forecast Company has become a resident of Skolkovo

Innovation Forecast Company has become a resident of SkolkovoInnovation Forecast Company which belongs to a group of companies Project became a resident of Skolkovo. As a part of the Skolkovo project, the company plans to develop a software and tool set that will effectively manage complex financial and economic systems: enterprises, banks, industries, regions and national economies considering shock effects.

The Forecast is going to develop Strategic computer technologies and software. Unique algorithms and mathematical models will be used in the development to significantly improve the accuracy of medium and long-term forecasts by considering the influence of the environment and the characteristics of systems’ dynamics. Traditional means of reporting (reporting, OLAP-analysis) will be implemented in this software package along with in-depth analytial tools (forecasting, scenario modeling, management by objectives).

This combination of algorithms, models, and business analytics tools in one product has no direct analogues, - the General Director of Forecast Dmitry Andrianov said. - Having received the status of Skolkovo participant, the Forecast confirmed the world-class level of its scientific research which is the basis of our products.