The finalists of Skolkovo MD contest

The finalists of Skolkovo MD contestThe finalists of the competition held by Skolkovo in May this year have been announced. The competition was held on the best concept of creating a mobile diagnostic device that will be able to determine a set of diseases without a doctor have been announced. The final selection of projects will consider 13 companies.

From the consumer perspective the problem was universal - the creation of a mobile diagnostic device for constant monitoring of vital signs. The Fund noted that many teams used similar technologies and methods to describe proposed solutions for the concept creation, but some of the concepts presented by the fund’s experts can solve the problem only partially, offering devices that are able to diagnose only one or two diseases.

The following teams are recommended by the Organizing Committee for the participation in the final stage of the Selection:

- Angioskan (Moscow)
- Global sensor network (Moscow)
- RWM (Moscow)
- KEEPER (Moscow)
- RUSSWI (Switzerland - Russia)
- FRUCT (St. Petersburg)
- Gelius (St. Petersburg)
- Snezhinsk (Snezhinsk)
- AstMedKom (Astrakhan)
- Dinaksis (Nizhny Novgorod)
- Personal Thermograph (Moscow)
- NMSIS (Moscow)
- I-Bolit (Moscow)

All thirteen teams are invited to the meeting in the Skolkovo Foundation on September 25, 2012 to prepare for the final event.