Venture Business News is a new portfolio company of RVC InfraFund

Venture Business News is a new portfolio company of RVC InfraFundLLC Bargan News Company, the founder of Media which is focused on venture business and the development of innovation, has become another portfolio company of RVC InfraFund. The transaction, which was approved by the Investment Committee of RVC InfraFund, will allow the company to strengthen its position in the market of innovation and venture editions of Russia.

According to the CEO of Maksim Oreshkin, the deal with RVC InfraFund will be one of the key events in the history of the newspaper: We are delighted to be recognized by InfraFund’s representatives, - Maksim Oreshkin says. - I'm sure that it will give a new impetus to our activities, will allow the newspaper to expand its capabilities in the venture business of Russia.

On behalf of myself and the team of InfraFund I can confidently say that we are very excited about the new company's portfolio. Any industry, especially actively developing one, needs its sectoral newspaper which is independent and impartial. The bulletin of innovation and venture capital market is focused on the global development. English version of the bulletin will be distributed in EU and South-East Asia countries to inform about Russian innovative companies, innovative developments and products, the formation of technological entrepreneurship market, - the director of RVC InfraFund Svetlana Reznik says.

Full-fledged innovation activities of a country are impossible without their adequate coverage for all sectors of society, - the founder of Bargan News Vasily Bargan says. - And the modern society, being in the process of innovation ecosystem forming, needs the media covering the venture market. I have no doubts that the partnership with RVC InfraFund will reduce the degree of corporate closure, which, in turn, will significantly affect not only the emergence of new market players, but also foster the integration of Russian industry into the global community. The popularization of the technological industry must be done not only by professional journalists, but also by the participants of innovative processes who are experienced in the subject matter, because only the synergy of industry representatives and innovative journalism brings noticeable inflow of start-ups.

Key development institutions signed the cooperation Agreement and joined forces in order to make the information on the availability and status of their projects available to all institutions of development, and it will save resources, - the head of Russian Venture Capital Association Albina Nikkonen notes. - I am deeply convinced that any promotion of market participants’ cooperation and support the formation of market infrastructure can have a major impact on the dynamics of Russian innovative business development. I think that the deal between and RVC InfraFund will facilitate the structural development of the market of services which are in demand of technological companies, and, as a consequence, will foster the formation of effective and competitive national innovation system.

publishing company is pleased to announce the collaboration with RVC InfraFund. In our work we aim, above all, at the objective analysis of market trends and the creation of a comprehensive knowledge base of Russian venture investments, which is in line with the focus of RVC InfraFund - the chief editor Anna Chapman says. - We hope that the intensive exchange of information and close business cooperation of and RVC InfraFund will help innovative companies in their search for successful solutions and will promote further establishment of Russian venture market infrastructure.

The investments of RVC InfraFund, which is intended to strengthen the market of specialized services for modern innovative companies, will be used to increase the news content of , to bring the edition to a qualitatively higher level of development and to assist in its primary objective which is to help Russian venture business to go global.